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Dr. Christopher Thornberg, PhD

Founding Partner
Christopher Thornberg is one of California's most widely renowned economists. On record as being the first forecaster on the West Coast (and one of the earliest in the nation) to predict the subprime mortgage market meltdown that began in 2007, and the global economic recession that followed, he is a trusted media source among journalists and broadcasters across the United States.

Areas of Expertise:

  • U.S. Economy & Financial System
  • California Economy
  • Regional Economies
  • Global Economy
  • Economic Forecasting/Future
  • Economic Policy
  • California Budget
  • U.S. Deficit/Budget
  • Real Estate Markets
  • Employment and Labor Markets

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Dr. Robert Kleinhenz, PhD

Executive Director of Economic Research
Robert Kleinhenz is a leading state economist who specializes in forecasting key economic indicators such as employment, demographics, home prices, and consumer spending. He has extensive experience analyzing the U.S. and California economies, and the sub-regional economies within California. His academic background includes an emphasis on urban and regional economics.

Areas of Expertise:

  • California Economy
  • California Employment
  • California Regional Economies
  • Economic Forecasting
  • U.S. Economy

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Jock O’Connell

International Trade Adviser
Jock O’Connell is widely regarded as one of California’s foremost authorities on world trade, global economic trends, and the internationalization of the Golden State’s economy. He is a former staff advisor to the California Commission for Economic Development and a current member of the California Economic Strategy Panel’s Technical Advisory Group.

Areas of Expertise:

  • International Trade
  • California’s Import/Export Trade
  • Globalization of the California Economy
  • Goods Movement
  • Economics of Ports

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Client Quotes

"Beacon Economics has become an invaluable resource to the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, providing us with data and research that informs our efforts to rebuild the region’s economy."
Gary Toebben, President & CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

"Beacon Economics has substantially increased economic literacy here in Sonoma County."
Ben Stone, Director, Sonoma County Economic Development Board

"The professional and technically skilled staff at Beacon Economics delivered an excellent product that has been key to our District’s long term planning and fiscal health."
Dave Collins, Assistant General Manager, Finance and Management Services, East Bay Regional Park District