July 16, 2021

Beacon Employment Report | Texas

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Many of the job gains in June occurred in industries that were hit hardest by COVID-19, although employment levels in these sectors remain depressed compared to their pre-pandemic levels.

Job growth was led by the Leisure and Hospitality industry, where payrolls increased by 19,000 (+1.5%) positions in June (around two-thirds of all jobs added in the state). Nonetheless, there are still 124.900 fewer jobs in the Leisure and Hospitality sector compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Education and Health Services (+9,500); Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (+7,600); and Manufacturing (+3,300) also saw significant job growth during the month. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services now employs more workers than it did prior to the pandemic, growing 38,600 (+4.5%) since February 2020.

Only two sectors noted significant declines in June, with the sharpest private-sector losses occurring in Construction (-3,300) and Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities (-2,000).

As of June 2021, some sectors still register significant job losses compared to pre-pandemic levels, with Mining and Logging (-19.5%); Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (-18.2%); and Other Services (-10.0%) continuing to flounder. On a positive note, Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities has seen the largest growth (+6.1%) compared to pre-pandemic levels, with Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (+4.5%) and Finance and Insurance (+2.7%) following closely behind.

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