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Real Estate Market Analysis

Build or Invest Smart with a Custom Market Analysis

architectural building planPrecise revenue projections are crucial for the effective planning and management of today’s commercial and residential real estate projects. Beacon Economics is home to one of California’s leading teams of real estate market analysts and due diligence experts. On record for producing accurate and well-defined forecasts, we deliver added value to real estate investment decisions.

By linking Beacon Economics’ econometric regional predictions with local market behavior that drives absorption, pricing, and rental forecasts, our clients benefit from a wider, deeper perspective than is possible with traditional, less comprehensive market studies. Beacon Economics’ analysis opens up new insights into large masterplans, individual housing and apartment opportunities, and complex real estate portfolios.


Business and Strategic Planning - Assist builders and developers in deciding which markets to enter (or exit), whether a company acquisition makes sense, what product to offer, how fast an investment will sell - and at what price point.

Market Overview Forecasts - Develop summaries of the key economic factors that drive real estate markets including growth in population, households and jobs, sales levels, absorption and pricing, and leasing rates.

Market Feasibility Studies - Provide customized analyses of specific real estate development projects including locational attributes, active and proposed competition, existing supply, foreclosures, and likelihood of project success.

Project Demographic Demand and Supply Modeling - Build realistic forecasts of absorption based on shifts in population by household type and potential capture rates of overall market.

Highly Localized Project Buyer Profile - Deliver granular analysis of changes in industries, jobs, and salaries in specific submarkets to determine how the current and future outlook translates into housing demand.


  • Financial investors and lenders
  • Home builders
  • Land developers
  • Commercial developers and municipalities

  • Grubb & Ellis Company
  • Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles
  • Service Employees International Union
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • East Bay Regional Park District


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For further information about our real estate analysis, contact Managing Partner Sherif Hanna at or 424-646-4656.


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Client Quotes

"Beacon Economics has become an invaluable resource to the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, providing us with data and research that informs our efforts to rebuild the region’s economy."
Gary Toebben, President & CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

"Beacon Economics has substantially increased economic literacy here in Sonoma County."
Ben Stone, Director, Sonoma County Economic Development Board

"The professional and technically skilled staff at Beacon Economics delivered an excellent product that has been key to our District’s long term planning and fiscal health."
Dave Collins, Assistant General Manager, Finance and Management Services, East Bay Regional Park District