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Beacon Economics provides independent expert testimony and litigation support to law firms regarding a wide variety of economic issues. Our staff of highly credentialed economic researchers have the capacity to analyze complex business issues, and communicate those findings in an accessible manner.

Not expert witnesses by profession, our firm has distinguished itself in its commitment to economic analysis through work for a broad range of clients in the real estate, finance, business, and government spheres. Working for both plaintiffs and defendants, we bring our reputation for analytical excellence and objectivity to bear on every client’s case, gaining favorable outcomes by applying real world expertise and high-level empirical techniques.

Beacon Economics recently provided expert testimony and analysis
on a case that resulted in a $169 million verdict for our end client, the FDIC.


Labor & Employment
Loss of Income

Business Disruption & Loss of Profit

Commercial & Residential Real Estate
Real Estate Valuation
Interest Rates
Eminent Domain


FDIC as Receiver for Mutual Bank vs. Mahajan, et al.
Worked for Plaintiff
Case in progress

FDIC-R vs. Van Dellen
Worked for Plaintiff
Case decided for Plaintiff

San Francisco BART District vs. PPF Industrial Whipple Road/Bowman Place, LP
Worked for Defendant
Case resolved

City of Santa Fe Springs vs. Valley View-Santa Fe Springs, LLC
Worked for Plaintiff
Case resolved

Orange County Transportation Authority vs. Cobblestone 1993, Ltd., et al.
Worked for Defendant
Case in progress


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For further information about our litigation support practice, contact Director of Communications Victoria Pike Bond at or 415-457-6030.


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Client Quotes

"Beacon Economics has become an invaluable resource to the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, providing us with data and research that informs our efforts to rebuild the region’s economy."
Gary Toebben, President & CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

"Beacon Economics has substantially increased economic literacy here in Sonoma County."
Ben Stone, Director, Sonoma County Economic Development Board

"The professional and technically skilled staff at Beacon Economics delivered an excellent product that has been key to our District’s long term planning and fiscal health."
Dave Collins, Assistant General Manager, Finance and Management Services, East Bay Regional Park District