About Us

About Us

Bringing together economic insights, business expertise, and public policy experience

Beacon Economics, LLC is an independent research and consulting firm dedicated to delivering accurate, insightful, and objectively-based economic analysis that enables its clients to make informed decisions about investment, growth, revenue, and policy. The company is certified as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with the state of California.

Founded in 2007, Beacon Economics entered the spotlight as one of the earliest and most adamant forecasters of the subprime mortgage market meltdown – and as one of a handful of organizations to stand against the tide and correctly calculate the depth and breadth of the global financial and economic crisis that followed.

The accurateness of its economic forecasting has helped establish Beacon as one of California’s most reputable economic research firms. The company’s specialized practice areas include Sustainable Growth and Development; Housing, Land Use and Real Estate Advisory; Economic and Revenue Forecasting; Economic, Fiscal, and Social Impact Analysis; Litigation Support and Expert Testimony; and Regional and Sub-Regional Analysis.

Unlike other consulting groups in this sphere, many of which are directed by MBAs or urban and city planners, Beacon Economics is led by, and works with, PhD and Master’s level economists. The academic training and credentials of its experts set the firm apart and are at the root of its commitment to objectivity and analytic excellence.

Leveraging unique proprietary models, vast databases, proven methodologies, and sophisticated data processing, Beacon Economics’ work is used by a diverse array of private and public sector clients including major cities and counties across the western United States, Wall Street hedge funds, banks and credit unions, the creative industries, public utilities, real estate developers and investors, leading sports franchises, and major entertainment events and venues.

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