Economic, Fiscal, and Social Impact Analysis

Economic, Fiscal, and Social Impact Analysis

Delivering the knowledge and expertise businesses and governments need to accomplish their strategic goals

Beacon Economics partners with governments, non-profits, private businesses, and real estate developers to provide detailed analyses that align with client goals and successfully communicate the full economic, fiscal, and social impacts of activity.

Our researchers specialize in illustrating the effects that major sporting and entertainment events, public and private investments, public policies and programs, and institutions have on neighborhoods, cities, or any geographic area.

Demonstrating a project’s benefits through independent, qualitative analysis can help garner support from a range of powerful constituencies including government decision makers, investors, the media, and the community at large.

Beacon’s EFSI Practice is:


Beacon leverages its expertise across multiple practice areas and applies it to each client’s project. Our diverse portfolio of work includes comprehensive impact analyses for public and private universities, music festivals and entertainment venues, infrastructure projects, and real estate development. To each project, we bring substantive and technical expertise in economics, public policy, demographics, sustainable and green economies, labor market and workforce development, and other disciplines to develop accurate, relevant, and inclusive analyses of activity.


Beacon’s analysis is always tailored to the unique needs and research questions of each client. The scope of work and data modeling developed for each project capture the nature of the specific issues and key questions faced by that client.


Beacon equips our partners and clients with relevant tools and data-based analysis, allowing them to articulate value to key constituencies and stakeholders and lead change.

Sample Projects and Clients:

Economic, Fiscal, and Social Impacts of LACERA Pensioners | Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association

Electric Daisy Carnival Economic Impact Analysis | Insomniac and Live Nation

LAX Terminal Expansion Impact Analysis | Delta Airlines

University Impact Analysis | San Jose State University

Economic Impact Analysis: 2024 Olympic Bid | LA Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LAOCOG)

Economic Impact Analysis | Auto Club Speedway

EFSI Services:

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Beacon specializes in accurately demonstrating the economic and employment value of EB-5 investments and regional centers.

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