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Who We Are

Amazing things happen when smart, passionate people come together. Data, ideas, and perspectives connect to solve problems that matter. And believe it our not… that is the work of economists.

Beacon Economics is a source of objective economic information whose analysis is used by state leaders, CEOs, mayors and city councils, large industries and small businesses, hedge fund managers, and major media alike. Our work has the potential to affect real public policy and we’re categorically committed to accurate nonpartisan research.

We know that our best asset is our staff. We hire the most motivated, collaborative, curious, and insightful people. And while we require and admire technical skills, we hire people for different reasons; some are better number crunchers, some better writers. Whatever their skill, we want to help our team members reach their very best potential.

Our Culture

Beacon strives for an inclusive culture. We believe an inclusive culture is a dynamic, active, and intentional environment (something you have to work at) that increases individual and organizational performance by creating opportunities for all employees to achieve their full potential. This means our office environment has to be a fertile and safe place to talk, deliberate, agree, disagree, consult, and innovate. This is the kind of liberated culture we want for our people and that we believe is best for our business.

The next game changing idea could just as easily erupt from a spontaneous conversation in the kitchen as from a client all or a formal strategy meeting.

Our Goals

Build a sustainable company

Draw the best and offer thriving career paths

Grow but stay true to our intellectual integrity

Produce fundamental research

Be a leading voice through thought leadership

How to Apply

Beacon Economics LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please submit resume, cover letter, and writing sample to Administrative Support Manager Danielle Tremeear at [email protected]. No phone calls.