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Beacon Economics is a leading provider of economic research, forecasting, and data analysis. Since its inception, the firm has built a scrupulous reputation for producing rigorous quantitative and qualitative economic analysis that helps its clients make informed decisions about investment, growth, revenue, and policy. Beacon Economics’ custom studies and forecasts, and advisory services, are used by the State of California, banks and financial institutions, cities and counties across the western United States, law firms, and real estate and development firms, among many others.

Explore Beacon Economics’ services:

Economic & Revenue Forecasting

binoculars photoOn record as being among the first and most accurate forecasters of the 2008 recession, Beacon Economics is a leader in producing rigorous economic, revenue, and occupational outlooks for public and private sector clients.
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Economic Impact Analysis

economic impact photoBeacon Economics is one of California’s foremost providers of balanced, insightful economic impact analyses – accurately demonstrating the economic effect that policies, programs, events, investments, and institutions have on a geographic area or population.
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Real Estate Market Analysis

real estate photoHome to one of California’s leading teams of real estate market analysts and due diligence experts, Beacon Economics links econometric regional predictions with local market behavior to provide a deeper perspective than is possible with traditional market studies.
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Regional Intelligence Reports

graph photoUsed by civic leaders across California, Beacon Economics’ Regional Intelligence Reports offer some of the most concise, targeted, and accurate regional economic analyses available in today’s market. These customizable analyses can focus on cities, counties, or larger regions.
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EB-5 Economic Analysis

eb-5 photoBeacon Economics specializes in analyzing the economic impacts of EB-5 investments and EB-5 regional centers. Applying decades of combined experience, the firm’s analyses successfully show the economic and employment value that EB-5 projects brings to a region.
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Client Quotes

"Beacon Economics has become an invaluable resource to the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, providing us with data and research that informs our efforts to rebuild the region’s economy."
Gary Toebben, President & CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

"Beacon Economics has substantially increased economic literacy here in Sonoma County."
Ben Stone, Director, Sonoma County Economic Development Board

"The professional and technically skilled staff at Beacon Economics delivered an excellent product that has been key to our District’s long term planning and fiscal health."
Dave Collins, Assistant General Manager, Finance and Management Services, East Bay Regional Park District